Can You Feel It?

The team at SockieLala spent a lot of time testing out various materials. YES! Imagine us trying on socks, walking short and long distances across various terrain, in different kinds of shoes, even in different kinds of weather - because that's exactly what we did! We had a score card for each material and then rated the socks based on comfort, style, durability and washability. In the end, one common denominator, dominated the dominion. COTTON BABY!80% pure combed cotton. Spun with a little nylon (17%) and some spandex (3% - for when your ankles have had too much - we've all been there), and this is the perfect combination. You're feet will whisper to you.... 'thank you'. In fact - I think I already hear them crying out in gratitude.

What About Da Monies?

STRIPE and PAYPAL are our merchants of Venice - ahem - transactions. Their platforms are integrated into our site and in fact offer that little bit extra for information protection, to ensure that your details remain private and secure. This also includes having SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encrypted into our site. All prices shown are in $AUD.

How Long Before We Unite?

Orders are sent out within 3 business days. We then collaborate with Australia Post for your shipping needs. At the end of the day, it all depends on how the postie is feeling. However, please read through 'Wait A Minute Mr Postman'for further details regarding postage costs and expected delivery times. We will have your orders packed and ready for shipping as soon as possible, however we are not responsible for any delay in their arrival, due to Australian Postal services in the month of December.

Wait A Minute Mr Postman!

For orders shipping in Australia FREE STANDARD SHIPPING: When you spend $30 or more! STANDARD SHIPPING: Fee of $8.30 for orders less than $30.00 EXPRESS SHIPPING: Flat fee of $11
We send all non-express orders within Australia, via Australia Post. This usually takes 2-5 business days, once in transit (depending on the posties mood). We also send our Express post via Australia Post. This will have a tracking number and everything! Allow 1-2 business days once in transit, just in case there's a sale on doughnuts. (Please refer to 'How Long Before We Unite' as orders are actioned on a Saturday). For orders shipping outside of Australia INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: Flat fee of $25. Delivery estimation is between 8 - 15 days once shipped. We recommend having your package delivered to a location where you can accept the parcel in person, high five the courier and obvs start wearing your socks without delay. We accept no responsibility for any damage or theft that may occur once the product is in transit or has been confirmed delivered via the tracking number service of our carrier.

Can I Re-Home My Sockie's?

If you are not 100% happy with your SockieLala's, please contact us immediately so we can assist with an exchange. You may exchange any items within 14 days of purchase (Australia only). All items mustremain in their original packaging and be unused/unworn. All international exchanges, have a 30 day turn-around. All items must also remain in their original packaging and be used/unworn. All costs involved in the exchange are at the returnee's expense. In the rare case of your delivery not arriving, please contact us immediately with your name and receipt number. We personally hand pack all packages before sending, so you know you will always receive the ultimate of ultimates.

Spin-Class or Spin-Cycle?

Spin cycle. Ha! We have tried and tested and can recommend with conviction a normal machine-wash up to about 40'C inside a mesh wash-bag. Maybe even have them inside-out to protect their colour too. Hang em' out flat and out of sunlight (they're like vampires) to further protect your newest addition to the family. Avoid bleaching, tumble-drying, ironing and dry-cleaning.

Does Size Matter?

You know what they say about people with big feet... big shoes. Our SockieLala designs are produced on a 'one size fits most' basis. We don't feel the need to identify between the genders to ensure that SockieLala is an inclusive brand for everyone. However, to assist with this question, we use the following as our 'footprint' in our blueprint (pun intended). WOMEN: 6 - 10 (AU) MEN: 7 - 11 (AU)

Mio Select-o Bundle-o?

Our BUNDLES are strategically designed to perfectly mis-match with one another. So unfortunately you are unable to mix n match the bundles yourself. HOWEVER, all of our designs are available as an individual purchase! So it's a win either way.

Can I Get a Monthly SockieLala Fix?

Not. Just. Yet. BUT stay tuned to this channel as a monthly subscription will be available sooooooon!!!

Stockie Says No!!!

In case the style you're after is currently out of stock, be the first to know the minute it's back in, by subscribing to our mailing list. We'll send you an email when the design becomes available and ready for your footsies!

Difference In Measurements?

Upon first glance, I've sorta kinda noticed that one sock is a different size to the other. Whaddafud? When socks are made, the colouring and the design dictates how long they are shaped and baked for. (I know... socks are shaped and baked, FUNNY!) Because we mismatch our socks ourselves (not by the manufacturer) this means, that sometimes the mismatched designs may appear slightly different in measurements to their other half. HOWEVER, every design is made with the exact same dimensions. Therefore, as soon as you put them on, you will see no difference! And once you've washed them, they'll expand or contract to their natural size and that difference will no longer be an issue. It's all just a bit of give and take!

Gift Wrapping or Personal Message?

Unfortunately we do not provide gift wrapping or personalised messages. However every pair comes with the 'story' relating to the design. So if you're giving the gift of socks, the wearer will know why they got 'em.

Not Everything Arrived Mister!!!

Should you receive a delivery containing damaged, a wrongly packaged item or a design that does not match your order, we will cover all charges and do everything we can to rectify our mistake. We will ship the new products or issue a refund, depending on your wish.

Any More for Any More?

If we haven't answered your question, please get in touch via our CONTACT page.