Our Story

SOCKIELALA is the brain child of our company director, Jen, realising that she's lazy. 

Yup, you read that right.


She’s the kind of woman who can’t be bothered pairing her socks. She’ll just grab whatever she can find and go with it. Doesn’t matter if they’re different lengths, sizes, colours or patterns. 

Our Jen... is quite unique. She’s often described as the equivalent of a living and breathing Disney cartoon. Or even the Energiser Bunny. She’s child-like, silly, melodramatic, funny and non-stop. She loves making people smile and finding the joy and humour in everything. 

So, when she received a pair of socks from her mother-in-law for Christmas and noticed that she was wearing the exact same pair, but in different colours – Jen was elated!

"Samesies but different!" She said!

But then… lightning struck (metaphorically speaking). 


And so began her quest: turn an ordinary everyday item, into something extraordinary.

After a long and ridiculous journey into the world of socks, she created our much loved company with the hope to elicit a twinkle in the eye for the bearer and a giggle in the soul for the wearer.​ Jen is not only our founder; she’s the visionary and creative force. 

Our mission?

Design high quality, quizzical and quirky socks, that encourage human connection, laughter and happiness.

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