I'm forking and I'm coughing. I think I get it - but run it past me one last time?


Sometimes your feet just have to do the talking. And with our notorious 'FORK' collection, you can say what you're thinking without the ramifications. 


Here's what you do; 


  • Stare down that person who's giving you flack. 
  • Make sure your eyes are all wide-eyed and intense. Nicholas Cage style. 
  • Ground yourself with your feet planted and toes towards your opponent. 
  • Then point towards your socks and give em' the old, WHAT CHOO LOOKIN' AT WILLIS?


BOOM, instant win!


You     =    1 point

Them  =    0


Say your feelings with our dynamite design; 'FORK COUGH' 


(To put it simply, you're politely telling people to 'F*@# OFF') 


One size fits most


  • Purple-Teal-Grey-Black