Forks and sheeps.



Urgh - I'm racking my brain, but nada! What does this combination even mean? Well.. subtlety is key with this one. We'll give a hint...


Fork. Aka, a polite way of saying...?

Sheep. Or in this case, what do we call a female sheep?


Put two and two together and presto - you got it kiddo! Fork. Ewe. Because sometimes your feet just have to do the talking. And with our notorious 'FORK' collection, you can say what you're thinking without the ramifications. 


Here's what you do; 


  • Sit back in your club chair with a whiskey gently swirling in your snifter glass. 
  • Lock eyes with the person who's trying to one up you. 
  • Smugly cross your legs just enough to show a bit of ankle. 
  • Flick your eyes down to your socks so they know where to look. 
  • Slowly look back up at them and give a rye smile. 
  • Shrug and take a sip of your delicious win. 


Now that's a what for!


You     =   1 point

Them  =   0


Say your feelings with our dynamite design; 'FORK EWE'


(To put it simply, you're politely saying 'F*#@ you!')  


One size fits most. 


  • Blue-Grey-Black-White