What do you get when you put cutlery and excitement into a bowl, mix it up, add some spices and a splash of colour? You get FORK YEAH baby!


Sometimes your feet just have to do the talking. And with our notorious 'FORK' collection, you can say what you're thinking without the ramifications. 


Here's what you do; 


  • Roll your pants up enough to see the full beauty of those sweet sweet socks.
  • Or, if you're not wearing pants (hello!) then pull those babies up as far as they go. 
  • Play the song 'Maniac' by Michael Sembello
  • Then embrace your inner Alex from 'Flashdance' and dance the shiz outta that win! This is all you Boo!


In the words of Charlie Sheen - WINNING!!!


You    =    1 point

Them =    0


Say your feelings with our dynamite design; 'FORK YEAH!'


(To put it simply, you're politely saying 'F*#@ YES!)  


One size fits most. 


  • Pink-Grey-Aqua-Black