SockieLala is more than just your common accessory.
It's an expression of your personality, individuality, creativity and independence.
But why is SockieLala so unique, special and exclusive? on McDuff!


Our designs are created with no one specific gender in mind. We don't categorise them that way either as we don't feel it's necessary to 'identify' ones sex.  That's also why our socks come as 'one size fits most'. However you identify - we got you!


Our designs are inspired by the things that make us laugh and the things that make us unique. Blending the good times, silly thoughts, subtle (and not so subtle) puns, personality traits and bright colours with a mismatching style is our starting point. The sillier the thought, the bigger the laugh, the funnier the pun, the more likely we will turn it into a sock! All of our designs are the brain child of our company director so you won't find them anywhere else!


For every sock sold, we will give a percentage of the proceeds to a charity close to our hearts. To get things started, we are working with BEYOND BLUE - a charity focusing on mental health.

Any excess stock is donated to Women's Health West (aka Joan's Place), a refuge for women and their children experiencing domestic violence.


To ensure comfort is at its best, our socks are knitted with soft combed cotton using the hightest quality 200 needle count for durable comfort and sustainability.


It's not easy being a foot. Those toes and heels are at it all day! Constant pressure from the boss I tells ya! That's why the toes and heels of our socks are reinforced to ensure their continually on your side, wear after wear and wash after wash.


Our feetsies are strange creatures. There's sweat gland after sweat gland (approximately 250 000 actually) and can produce as much as 250 mls of moisture each day! To help these lil piggies, our socks are produced with breathable materials.

80% combed cotton,

17% polyamide

3% elastane


SockieLala is a self-funded start up, owned and operated by Melbourne based chicka, Jen Ashley.


A common expression in the land of Oz, is to call someone a Sookie-Lala if they're being a bit 'precious'. Our company name is a playful wink to this Aussie-ism .